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Public Sector and Legal Aid Firms – Bid and Pitch Support

Public Sector and Legal Aid Firms Bid Support. Firms interested in bidding for public sector or Legal Aid work should read Legal Services Providers – Bid and Pitch Support for general information on the services I offer. This section gives more particular information on my public procurement and Legal Aid experience.

As a former practising public procurement lawyer, I am familiar with the public procurement rules and keep myself up to date on how these rules effect both public bodies and those bidding for contracts. I must stress, however, that there may be times when specialist procurement legal advice is required.

Legal Aid: I am most decidedly not a Daily Mail reader and both know and respect lawyers who still trudge away in the Legal Aid battlefield. I support The Law Society’s campaigns to end Legal Aid deserts in England and Wales and to address the long-term viability of the criminal Legal Aid system and the growing crisis in the numbers of criminal duty solicitors. I would like to think that Access to Justice will continue to be available to the poorer and more vulnerable members of society within the UK.

I do, however, believe that the Legal Aid market will change in the forthcoming years, perhaps even drastically if politics permit. Procurement is likely to be at the heart of that. Firms wishing to continue doing this work will need to brace themselves for ever more competitive tendering, with the Legal Aid Agency possibly looking to appoint a smaller pool of providers, perhaps larger and more consolidated than now.

In recent years I have advised firms bidding for public sector work (including Legal Aid contracts) with an almost 100% success rate.

As set out on the Fees page, I will reduce my rates by 20% for firms currently carrying out Legal Aid work and wishing to bid for Legal Aid contracts.

Search, Find, Bid

For firms wishing to move away from Legal Aid work and bid for more opportunities in the public sector, I can offer a ‘search, find, bid’ service. This is primarily for smaller firms who don’t have (or wish to have) their own in-house bid teams. It may not be worth your paying for this resource full time, as you only need help as and when. How does this service work?

  • You tell me what types of work you are seeking.
  • I advise you on any preparatory work you need to do up front to be considered for these opportunities.
  • I monitor the relevant public sector websites frequently and alert you about potential prospects.
  • If something is of interest, I will advise you how to proceed and assist you with the bid process in whatever way you wish – light, medium or heavy involvement. As you gain experience, my involvement will diminish.


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