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Law Firm Client Relationships

Law Firm Client Relationships. In today’s marketplace, firms cannot afford to drop the ball once appointed to a panel. They must continually review their operational and commercial performance and ensure they meet clients’ expectations and KPIs. They may also be required to work with a client’s procurement team rather than simply reporting into the legal team. Having managed legal panel firms and Legal Aid suppliers for ten years, I can help to de-mystify these areas and can offer strong, pragmatic advice on how to keep your relationship where it needs to be.

I can advise you on current best practices, value-added services and how you can implement winning relationship management strategies, making sure your relationship with the client goes from strength to strength.

I continually challenge firms and their key personnel to look at better ways of doing things, investigate new business models and be more innovative. Clients and the competition aren’t standing still and neither should you.

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