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Fee Arrangements

I am happy to discuss almost any type of AFA (appropriate fee arrangement) with you, for example:

  • Fixed fee: provided I have a very detailed scope and desired outcome. This type of arrangement may only be suitable once we know each other a little.
  • Capped fee: hourly rate subject to a cap.
  • Phased/ task-based billing: hourly rate but charged by phase or task.
  • Hourly rates: this may be the most suitable arrangement for a short assignment or where it simply makes sense for both of us.
  • Day rates: I’m happy to discuss day rates, particularly in relation to a longer term assignment.
  • Success fee (particularly relevant to tenders): likely to be used in conjunction with some other AFA – e.g. fixed fee + success fee, hourly rates + success fee. As with fixed fees, this type of arrangement will only be suitable once we know each other a little.

I will always agree with you the scope of work, fees and payment terms before I undertake any work for you.

Legal Aid tenders: I will reduce my rates by 20% for firms currently carrying out Legal Aid work and wishing to bid for Legal Aid contracts.

Rates: I appreciate that different types of legal work attract different margins and I will reflect this in my fees, which we can agree before we start working together.  I should state that the 20% discount is aimed specifically at Legal Aid firms.

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